Location of the lab of Telematics

Genoa is a big city on the sea in the North-West part of Italy. It is famous worldwide for its lighthouse and the acquarium, one of the biggest in the word.
Genoa has a great harbour, for both goods and passengers, an airport and is served by several highways (A7, A10, A12, A26) and railway lines (Genova-Torino, Genova-Milano, Genova-Ventimiglia and Genova-LaSpezia).
The position of Genoa in Italy

The closest railway station is Genova Brignole. From this station, it takes about 20 minutes to walk to the DIST.
Turn right out of the station, cross Piazza delle Americhe (near the skyscaper of Corte Lambruschini) and then walk through Corso Tolemaide (the road running along the railway). Turn right to Via Francesco D'Assori (in front of the bridge over the railway) and then go up the stairs you find on the left. In the middle of the stairs there is a door in the wall that leads directly to the front of the DIST. See the map for more details or alternative routes.
Walking to the LAB

If you are travelling by car, you can exit from the highway at Genova Ovest, Genova Est and Genova Nervi, and then follow the indication for the centre.
The simplest way is to exit the highway at Genova Nervi, then turn left into Corso Europa and go ahead through Via Corridoni (on the right, just passed S. Martino Hospital.
After this, go into Via Monte Zovetto, turn right into Via Byron and then turn right again in Viale Causa, that ends with Via dell'Opera Pia.
More information on the Italian highways can be found directly on the website of Societa' Autostrade.
Travelling by car

You can also reach Genoa by plane or boat. From the airport or the harbor, you can take a bus or the metro. Informations can be found on the website of Aeroporto Cristoforo Colombo, of port of Genoa, of Italian Railways and AMT (bus company).
More information on how to reach Genoa can also be found on the Liguria tourism website or in the Porto Antico web pages.